Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lesson Learned / Beauty Stash

Hey y'all! I'd like to apologize for being gone so long. I've missed you all! I'm not gonna sit around making excuses or doing some "wah-wah" write up, but I'd just like to throw this out there: 

If you are someone who is still in the midst of transitioning to all natural products (or are just considering it)... try to do it slooooowly. Don't do what I did and replace everything at once... or at least don't do that if you plan on writing about it. You might just get in over your head! 

To illustrate this point, I'd like to show you my newly amassed beauty collection. Think of this as one big haul because 90% of this stuff was purchased after I started this blog (It might even be more than that but I don't feel like doing the actual math so we'll use a conservative estimate). Since I haven't been posting lately, I feel like I've been hiding these goodies from you, so I wanted to offer you a peek!

Warning: I didn't really clean up for this. I literally opened my drawers and snapped a pic so it's a little on the messy side. There are things buried underneath one another, etc. I know you can't see everything, but my goal wasn't to showcase each individual item but just the general idea.  Enjoy :)

Here's My Vanity!

Sorry the wood surface is all icky. It perpetually has weird hair product spots and who-knows-what-else on it! :P
Here are some of the things that live on top of my vanity: makeup brushes, essential oils and carrier oils, body butters/lotions, hair products, skincare stuff (sunscreens), lip balms, randomly chosen makeup and makeup samples that don't really fit in the first drawer, etc.

First Drawer: This is where I keep most of my makeup and makeup samples. I try keep them loosely organized by type.

Second Drawer: This where I keep unopened items (hot pink box) and backups of things I love. I also keep non-makeup samples, cleansing wipes (opened or unopened), self tanners, wax, and mask supplies (bentonite clay & ACV) here... pretty much, anything that isn't makeup but isn't used on a daily basis.

There's a third drawer too, but I won't show that because I just keep really random things in there, like a shower cap, makeup bags, brush rolls, soap holders, toothbrush covers, bath brushes/scrubbies, etc. Plus, this drawer truly looks a mess!

I hope you enjoyed this quick overview! Let me know if you have any questions or want to know what a specific product is. Seriously, if you're doing the natural beauty thing and blogging about it, consider "cleaning out" your beauty stash over a period of time. I know from experience! ;)

As always, thanks for reading! Again, I'm really sorry for leaving y'all hanging for so long! 
xx, Annie


  1. Nice. You will do a lot of reviews! I can see you have Erzulie Cosmetics Multitasker eyeshadow primer. May you can do a review of it? I just bought and I'm testing it, but I'm not sure if I like it. Until now, it does the opposite what it shuld do: creases like crazy in less than 1 hour.

  2. Thank you! Yeah, that Multitasker... I'm not sure if I like it either! I tried it a few times and wasn't in love so I kinda set it aside and forgot about it. I'll test it a few times more and give it another chance before I write a review.

    My first order with Erzulie Cosmetics consisted of the Multitasker, a liquid eyeliner, and a gel eyeliner. To be truthful, I didn't love any of those products but for SOME reason decided to order from them again. The second time I got the concealer, color correctors, and highlighter pencil, and I like all of those. So if the Multitasker is the only thing you've tried, I would give Erzulie another chance.

    I'll definitely try to do a review on it though!

  3. My order from Erzulie was the Multitasker, a yellow corrector, light medium concealer (wrong color for me, too light),eye depuffer and oxigen blemish treatment. And I received for free a lipstick. I love everything, less the multitasker. I don't know if I'm applying it wrong. I did a first time test with s brown nude eyeshadow and it looks ok. But when I tried with really dark colors, it creases too fast and fades the color. I ordered the medium and medium tan concealer to find my color (and as they are so cheap...)

  4. I also noticed the concealers run a little light. I'm glad you commented back because that reminded me to use the multitasker today ;) I'm afraid I might be applying it wrong too... I'm thinking that it's possible I used too much the first couple of times. I'll be wearing a light eyeshadow though, so I hope it goes okay! (I haven't put on my makeup just yet) I'll have to try it with something darker too. I really want to like it.. I HATE knocking indie companies' products :P

  5. I did the same thing as you, I wish I transitioned slowly.
    Now it's hard to keep on top of everything and give the time to test everything properly before writing about it.
    Glad to see you back blogging :D

  6. Thanks Hayley! I'm glad I'm not the only one who got a little in over my head. You've done so well with your blog though... It gives me hope! Haha :)

  7. That's a great lineup of beauty products there! I always love seeing what people use on a daily basis. ~Annie (AllNaturalAnnie.com)

  8. Thank you, Annie! I love seeing what people use too... it's kind of like a "what's in my bag." :) I've noticed there are a lot of Annies in the natural beauty community (There's us of course, and also "Annie's All-Natural" http://anniesallnatural.wordpress.com/) ...definitely more than I run into in person. Love that - Gotta represent! ;)


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