Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Natural Beauty Sample Boxes / Subscription Services

Before I made the full switch to all-natural beauty products, I was a huge - and I mean HUUUGE - fan of a service called Birchbox. For $10 a month, you get a cute little box full of deluxe higher-end makeup and beauty samples. This appealed to me because: (1) Deluxe samples are great. I might even enjoy collecting them more than I like using them up, and (2) I absolutely adore getting mail. Not even kidding, sometimes when I know I'm getting something good, I sing the "Mail Time" song from Blue's Clues. I don't even have a tail to wag, but that doesn't stop me! Being an avid online shopper, I generally already know what to expect when I open my packages. That's why this service was so much fun - you get a surprise... in the mail! (Yay!) It's like buying yourself a gift.

Once I got serious about natural beauty, I knew I had to take the plunge and cancel my Birchbox subscription. I loved it dearly, but the $10 monthly fee no longer made sense when I couldn't use most of the products. However, it turns out there are plenty of natural beauty box services to fill that void in my heart!

Recently, I went on a rampage and subscribed to several. I don't intend to keep them all around forever, but I'm giving them a try for a few mailing cycles.

I've subscribed to:
  • Eco-Emi ($15/month) - Beauty and other eco-friendly product samples. There is often a waiting list to join.
  • White Apricot's Green Grab Bag ($15/month) - Beauty samples. 
  • No More Dirty Looks Quarterly ($25/quarter) - Beauty samples. There is currently a wait list.
  • GoGoGirlfriend ($12.99/month for monthly box or $6.99/month for bimonthly box) - Beauty samples. Although this service doesn't market themselves as all-natural, from what I've seen on other blogs, the products sent are "clean." I thought it would be worth a try. 

Other natural beauty subscriptions available:
  • Pink Moment ($12/month) - Beauty and other eco-friendly product samples. Concept is similar to Eco-Emi. I'd like to give this one a try, but my primary interest is beauty, so I didn't want to be subscribed to two services that send other types of products.
  • The Sample Lounge ($14.99/month) - Beauty samples.
  • Blissmobox ($19/month) - Each month, you get to select a box from a set of options. There are two beauty-related boxes available as I write this: "Bath & Body Bliss" and "Fresh-Faced & Fabulous." However, there are also food, cleaning product, etc. boxes available.
  • Amarya Beauty Box (£10/month) - Beauty samples. UK only.

Non-subscription beauty sample boxes:

Non-beauty eco-friendly subscription services:

Phew! Compiling this list sure took some effort. Some of these services are fairly new and were discovered after some serious digging on Google. I wish this information were available somewhere in one place! 

Do you know of any similar services? Let me know and I'll add to the list!


  1. I'm the same way about love love :D

    This is a great list - I hadn't realized there were so many companies doing natural boxes now :) I haven't tried any services like these - being in Canada, a lot of them don't ship here, or else they add a lot for international shipping. I'm never sure if it'd be worth the extra cost (eg. Eco Emi becomes $30)

    Would love to read reviews when you get your boxes :D

  2. Conscious Box is awesome! Can't wait to receive mine! It's much more sustainable than its competitors and from what I hear the first box is going to include something like 11 products - value value value!!!

  3. Caitie, that's really unfortunate that so many services don't ship to Canada! But for the ones that do, I wouldn't want to pay double the regular price, either. Natural sample boxes are popping up all over the place, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone starts one in Canada. I, myself, was surprised to discover how many there actually were. I remember being really disappointed to have to cancel my Birchbox.. little did I know what I had in store for me ;)

    1. There is one in Canada that should be at a good price, because it is new to the USA, and has been in Canada before in the USA. The subscription boxis called Glossy Box; here is the Canadian website:

  4. This is a great list! Lots of things to check out. I had no idea there were so many options---I *love* options :)

  5. Hello!
    I was checking out the Pink Moment website and saw they are doing a 2 month trial for only $9.00 a month! instead of the usual $14. So I signed up just to try it! It's for a limited time only so hurry!

  6. WAnted to say THANK YOU!! for doing the grunge work and finding all these sites. It all started with Spirit Beauty lounge and there personalized sample pack that got me addicted. I have constantly been googling for stuff like this since. And finally came across your page. I have already signed up for the pink moments for 2 months and am contimplating the green grab bag.
    Thank you again for all the information! I will be visiting often :)

  7. Thank you for compiling this list. I belong to birchbox, ecoEmi and bluum (for new mommy and baby). There is also a citrus Lane (new parents and kids up to 3).

  8. Thanks for all the information about eco-friendly subscription services - I hadn't heard about a bunch of these. I'm going to have to control myself and not subscribe to all of them! I really enjoy the ones I'm subscribed to because it takes away some of the effort it takes to find clean beauty products. I'm interested to know what you thought about GoGo Girlfriend. Like you, I subscribed because it seemed they had mostly "clean" products, but I ended up canceling my subscription after the first box /:

  9. I hope we could have similar services here in Singapore. We do have beauty sample box subscriptions but so far, none that focuses on natural/eco-friendly products. So I haven't subscribed to any of them although the idea of getting surprise boxes every month is very tempting. :S

  10. These subscription businesses are great, and I’m glad to see more startups jumping in to the mix – pretty incredible how creative they’re are getting.

    I’d also recommend checking out ( It’s a marketplace for unique and local subscription programs.

    Full disclosure, I’m also one of the founders, but we love these clubs, and want to spread the good word about them as best we can!

  11. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience with the boxes and which ones you recommend. Thank you for the insightful blog. Natural is definitely the way to go. Do you know if any of these ship to Canada? Thanks a million :)

    Kate from Canada

  12. Great list! I have subscriptions to a few of those myself. Have you heard of The Natural Beauty Box? It seems pretty good, 6-15 100% natural deluxe samples a month. I subscribed for August, I think it's going to be great.

  13. Thank you so much for this article! I am a total beauty junkie who has her favorite products but also transitioning to organic, natural healthy skin care and cosmetics as part of our families major life over-haul to "go green"! I really don't want to sacrafice what I like, so I love when I get turned on to healthy brands like Tarte for example which is on top of my current favorite list. There are many subscriptions you listed in here that I have never heard of! You def did your research! I will be trying a couple of these for sure. I love your blog and your vision. Please check out mine as well. Can I still follow you if I'm not on Blogger?


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